A Blending Shear has teeth on one blade and a solid cutting edge on the other.


With a regular blending shear you constantly have to clear hair that has become jammed in between the teeth & uncut hair is jammed in between the teeth by a sharp blade,  bruising and damaging.

 In two or three days, the hair will split.  leaving the hair rough to the touch, limp & lifeless.  You the Stylist, despite your skills, will get the blame.

The 'Key-Hole" Blender has 'Y' shaped teeth with special holes at the base that allow the un-cut hair to slide through ....... un-harmed.

Both blades on TALYN Shears are concave; giving a Clean precise cut with no splitting, bruising or damage.
The super-steel on TALYN Shears allows us to sharpen at 50 degrees. Twice the normal sharpness. Clean Cut!

Ball-bearing mechanism, bent thumb & pinky-rest ergonomically perfect for control & comfort.
This design took us 4 years to perfect and is another proud "TALYN" first.