Become a Professional Distributor & Service center.
We provide the skills, training,  and tools you need. You provide the ambition, drive and personality.  


We need professionally trained people in various areas to handle our line of top Beauty & Grooming Shears & Scissors. 
If you are conscientious and honest, we would like to talk with you. 
If you are looking for an opportunity to own your own business and earn what you are worth, You would like to talk to us.

There is plenty of opportunity, success and profits. Our program makes this business EASY to START and perfect for expanding into other PROFITABLE fields.


Because the industry is growing so fast, You can start your business on a part time or full time basis. Either  way you can earn more in an hour in your own CASH business where .90c out of every dollar is pure Cash profit.


Since you receive the equipment and “hands on” instruction lessons,  you learn by actually doing. You’ll be able to handle many jobs even before you finish your training.


The Course is in easy  to understand language. It makes learning easy no matter what your age or previous schooling. We’ll show you what do .....&....how to do it.  Every step of the way!


An ideal career for a man or woman. It’s a business that can be run right out of the home and you set your own hours.
Even for the retired person, acquiring these skills can be like acquiring a new lease on life. It’s a wonderful way to remain active, useful and self supportive.


The fastest ways to master a subject is to learn by doing. Our Course gives you practical “Hands-On” training with the right tools.

Millions of Scissors & Shears are used in homes & businesses, but that’s just a fraction of the market.

Professional Barbers, Beauticians and Groomers are using the new Razor Edge Japanese Scissors.

Professionals charge from $7 to $22 to sharpen one pair of Scissors.

Business offices, clinics, hospitals, Beauty shops, Barber schools, fabric stores, schools, upholstery shops, poultry processors, doctors, dentists, Pet-Groomers, Tailors and lots more, all have the need for your services.

This is where you come in!  These professional users rely on good, sharp tools and will gladly pay YOU top dollar for your service.


Your customers now also need to replace their  tools and buy new types, sizes and types for various reasons.    You are the right person in  the right place at the right time! 

Each State has at least 10,000 Beauty Salons  & Barber Shops  plus all the Groomers and similar trades that we mentioned already. 

The average price of hair-cutting scissors ranges between $100 and $300 and advances to $700 and up.

Profit margins are generous and  with your new skills, you will have an excellent business that will provide you & your Family with a good income, interesting work with people that are lots of fun to be with........ and no Stress!  

We have top quality products developed especially for these industries and we need independent professionals to work and succeed with us.

The great things about this business are:

 This is a quick and interesting way to own your own business with:

 A low start-up cost........ That you can take anywhere with you.

You have a trade that will always earn you a living.....

Your hours are your own and you can have lots of fun doing it...... Little or no Stress!

You can expand into knives for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.  builder’s tools, surgical tools, chainsaws and more.

The list never stops. It is only limited by your enthusiasm and ambition.


 Build your business ...... and one-day when you want to move or retire, ...........You have a saleable business!

 And......You can work anywhere!........  Your car & traveling costs, accommodation,  food and entertainment. expenses are Tax Deductible.

 Even a portion of your rent, ‘phone, electric and water bills at home.


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Contact us now & set yourself up for your new career!