Talyn Shears was established in 1993.  

We Import, Export, Manufacture and Supply Professional Grade Shears and Scissors for Cutting Hair.

We Sharpen All Shears, Scissors, and Nippers.

Our Telephone number is 785-748-0864.


TALYN Shears have three quality control checkpoints. 

All our products carry a Written Lifetime Warranty.
And if a lemon slips through, you can rest assured, ......... we will be there to take care of you and fix the problem. 
Our Customers are No. 1 and Never wrong!. 

Superior Steel and The Best Technology makes the shear do the work, Not You!

TALYN Shears are cast or drop-forged with Japanese Clamshell Blades as opposed to beveled edges.


"TALYN "researches and  develops  "Hands On" with Stylists.

Our  innovations set standards for the industry with real 'day to day' benefits that we can proudly list.

Seriously, ..... Ask the others to list their achievements in design and benefits for the industry. :)


We are constantly copied

Here's our list!

TALYN was First with:

The TALYN "Soft" Shear.
     One balanced Off/Set Handle with a pair of Scissoring blades precisely set above a pair of blending blades.
     A precision tool ............ Practical & Easy to use ............ What a Finish! .... Great on Drop Coats .... Skirts look "Soft" & Natural.
     Yes we brought it to Groomers 2 years ago.

* “Three Finger” Shears"
An Orthopedic Design for Optimum Carpal positioning & Total Control.
       A “Must Have” for the busy Groomer or Stylist. We designed this shear 13 years ago.

* The "KEY-HOLE" Blender .
We found that blenders & thinners bruised the hair & caused split ends.  Hair would 'Frizz & Flop'
      We fixed this when we developed the "Key-Hole" Blender 3 years ago.

     A Thinning Shear has teeth on both Blades.
     This has always been the most destructive tool as the teeth cross over each other as they are closed.   
     The hair is ripped & shredded. It takes 3 days for the ends to split & your client is At  Home when this damage shows up.
     The "TALYNER" has longer teeth on one side which are curved to comb into the cut; .... and ... short teeth on the other blade to quickly &
     precisely cut without any damage whatsoever.
     This Shear is in production as we speak and will truly revolutionize the industry!

 * "TALYN" Curved Shears.
 With the Screw on the inside of the curve so that you can "Flip" them and have a clean line to clean and finish to show quality
     perfection. Thin profile for getting under the pads and a strong curve for those "Top Knots" and staying away from the face.
     (A Curved shear cannot be Off/Set so you can "Flip" it & the finger-holes will still be usable.)

* The "Scimitar" Shear.
Ever tried shaping soft, fine hair on a curve & it runs from you?
     We fixed this 10 years ago with this super-light shear with razor-sharp " UP-Curved" cutting edges.

* The "SSS" (Super Short Shank) is designed especially for Groomers.
    If you wrap your fore-finger around the screw of your shear, we developed this shear for you.

We brought them into the Grooming World.  Bright Titanium colors anodized into metal that will not flake.
**TALYN carries a Full range of True Left-Handed Shears ~ at the Same Price as Right-handed ones.
Next time you hear of a shear that is for both Left & Right Hands. . . . . . . (Because it has pinky rests on both fingers)
   Shame on that story-teller!  ............. The Two Pinky rests are so that you can flip the shear over.
   Lefty's are made completely opposite to Righty's
    On a right-Handed shear the right handle is always on the top and with Left-Handed shears the Left handle is always on the top.

Professional Grade and Great Customer Service Guaranteed!