"Talyner" Thinning Shear

The 'Talyner' is able to go deep into hair without bruising or leaving marks. Thinning , removing bulk or gently layering. It will also gently blend on the outside without any damage to the hair follicles and leave a perfect and natural "soft" finish.

1) The Teeth on one blade are longer than usual and 'comb' into the hair. The Teeth on the other blade are short and align perfectly from top to bottom to cut precisely at the tips of the longer teeth.

2) The longer Teeth are straight at the top and gradually increase in Curve as they get nearer to the screw.

This prevents the hair being crushed and broken as with regular Thinners.

3) Both Blades are deeply concaved and extremely Sharp giving a clean precise cut without bruising or damage.

4) The handles are ergonomically designed for hand comfort and control. The thumb-Hole is bent to fit naturally & prevent the knuckle from going through.

5) The Shear runs on our own Ball-Bearing mechanism that is Smooooooth and true.

Always insuring perfect alignment.

6) Lastly we have dressed the Shear in Shiny Blades and Satin Handles and capped the Ball-Bearing with a 'Swarofski Crystal."

Enjoy this remarkable Thinning Shear with the knowledge that it will always give you the best professional finish. 

We welcome your questions and we thank you for your patronage.

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